Gypsies in Romania

Who are the Gypsies? When we hear the word “gypsy”, we imagine poor and dirty people traveling with their wagons. Maybe an image of a scarves fortune-teller or you think of a band of traveling musicians and dancers in colorfully decorated wagons. The truth is different and more complex 


one of the largest national parks in the USA, and the most diverse of them all. The natural phenomenons of Gayzers and minerals are amazing and it is actually the paradise for the landscape photographer.

Life in


The old city of Jerusalem is one of the most fascinating places חס earth. The area of the old city, between the walls, is less than1 square kilometer, but is sacred to the 3 largest religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 

The Danakil


The Danakil Desert is one of the most cruel places on earth.
Lens Magazine Published my Article on my Jurney.

Progressive Street

Progressive Street is a gang of street-photography lovers
that do day and night to promote the street topography.
part of the activity is publishing a magazine, called ProgressivE-Zine.
I am honored to participate in the 15th edition
Stations Book1.jpg


Stations is a collection of images, created by 42 street photographers around the world, of unique situations in train stations – people are hurrying, waiting, going up or down from trains and everything in between

Wild Life

Wild life is a collection of photos that were taken in Africa - Tanzania and South Africa.
Lens Magazine honored me with the cover photo.