Photography Projects

Journey to the holocaust of Poland.
On winter 2009 I  have joined a journey of 8 days
in the Holocaust sites of Poland with the school               
of my daughter. 
Series of photos taken during trips abroad - a unique
view on the landscapes through the eyes of my youngest
In the lowest place of Tel aviv, there are a lot of
Graffiti that tells a story
25 days project, one picture per day.
My family regular life in our TV room.
HD and speakers are recommended...
The Danakil Desert is one of the most cruel places on earth.
Lens Magazine Published my Article on my Jurney.
Alctraz. The Rock. The legendary prison is now
a touristic site, and even so - very impressive, shocking.
Yahud is my Home town, the main city where we are making
most of our arrangements. This is a short profile.
Progressive Street is a gang of street-photography lovers
that do day and night to promote the street topography.
“Thanks to us, the street photographers, people see the real world”
part of the activity is publishing a magazine, called
I am honored to participate in the 15th edition
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